Works for Four Cellos


This 2003 CD was a special mission of the quartet to bring little known works for cello quartet to the public. It includes the first ever recording of Friedrich Metzler’s neoclassical cello quartet as well as two late romantic, impressionist quartets by Pierre-Petit and Jongen.



“There are quite a few 20th century works written especially for cello quartet but most of them are unknown to the public… The four young cellists, all alumni of Berlin’s two music academies, have made it their mission to change this by bringing little known works to the public through this CD with an interesting result… The young quartet from Berlin is thoroughly convincing because of its highly committed, spirited playing and its fine and pure intonation. This recording fulfills every desire…”
(Das Orchester 12/2004)

(DEMATON, DT 03316, published 2003)

Joseph Jongen (1873-1953): Deux Pièces pour quatre violoncelles (1929)
1 Légende
2 Danses

Friedrich Metzler (1910-1979): Quartett für vier Violoncelli (1954)
3 Mäßig schnell
4 Langsam
5 Sehr rasch
6 Kraftvoll bewegt

Pierre-Petit (1922-2000): Suite pour quatre violoncelles (~1946)
7 Prélude
8 Adagio
9 Scherzo